After starting out in the 2002 with Pastel accounting set up; support and training, we found a great need for the up-skilling of bookkeeping staff and most people do not have access to a good mentor or coaching assistance. Therefore we expanded into offering accounting support and repairing of unbalanced books.


Fast forward to a new world of business management, Sage One accounting was introduced and brought with it a new approach to managing your company books in a cloud environment. Seeing the potential in this new system and the dire need for small businesses in South Africa, in order to link all aspects of running a business in the 21st century together, we set out to broaden our knowledge by bringing in the design aspects that are essential to creating and promoting your company.


Our mission is to facilitate the growth of small businesses. The way we see this growth is in the form of building blocks, every business needs to go through the foundation steps in order to operate efficiently, these are your basic business requirements. We know how daunting this task is, when creating a start-up company. We can assist you in setting up accounting systems that work for you and create amazing company branding.

Our aim to make the process just that little bit easier.


After you are up and running, we can either offer coaching - to assist you in managing the administration, accounting, marketing aspects on your own, partial assistance or we can take care of everything. Most businesses that have started but are not reaching certain goals and cannot seem to grow their companies any further, they are forgetting to follow the next steps of these building blocks which incorporate things like marketing the business. We are here to help you see the necessity of these steps.

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